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Monday, April 29, 2013

Alcohol News - 17/2013

 - Int’l alcohol policy symposium discusses harms of alcohol

The harm that alcohol consumption causes to individuals, families and society as a whole and the possible policies that could be adopted by Turkey and other countries are being discussed at a global two-day symposium that started in İstanbul on Friday.

Iceland Review (Iceland) - Icelanders Spend More on Alcohol, Less on Tobacco

Icelanders spend the lowest proportion of their income on tobacco in Europe but a slightly higher than average proportion on alcohol, according to the latest data from Eurostat.

Pharma Times - Lundbeck heads north for first launches of anti-alcohol drug

Lundbeck has launched its alcoholism treatment Selincro in its first markets - Norway, Finland, Poland and the Baltic countries.

Codewit (Finland) - Finland: Underage girls are heavier drinkers than their male counterparts.

Overall, teenage drinking has declined in Finland since the start of the century, but one out of ten young people reports drinking to the point of passing out. Underage girls are heavier drinkers than their male counterparts.

Scottish Daily Record (Scotland) - Hibs back calls for end to ban on alcohol sales at Scottish football grounds

HIBS last night added their support to calls for an end to Scottish football’s alcohol ban. Celtic chief executive Peter Lawwell reopened the debate last week by revealing the champions are interested in a scheme to relax laws that prevent the sale of ale.

Irish Independent (Ireland) - Billy Keane: Alcohol reports won't tell you of a generation dying before our eyes

THE doctors from The Royal College of Physicians in Ireland are asking the Government to ban the sponsorship of sporting events by alcohol companies. (Namibia) - Police Worried About Alcohol-Related Crime

SIX people were killed in different parts of the country over the weekend, while three fatal car accidents and one rape were reported to the police.

Gulf Times (Qatar) - ‘Up to 5% of population’ addicted to alcohol or drugs

Up to 5% of Qatar’s population, aged 18-60 years, is addicted to either alcohol or drugs, a Supreme Council of Health official said yesterday. “Between 3 to 5% of Qatar’s population is addicted to either alcohol or drugs, which is why we want to establish the Drug Addiction Treatment and Rehabilitation Centre in order to tackle the problem head on,” Supreme Council of Health’s Treatment and Rehabilitation Centre medical director Dr Mounir Soussi told a press conference. (Iran) - Iran's Health Ministry warns about increased alcohol use among youth

Iran's Health Ministry has issued a warning about the increase of alcohol use amoug young people in the country, ISNA reported.

The Guardian (Scotland) - Should those with a vested interest comment on minimum alcohol pricing?

A new study suggests alcohol companies and supermarkets misrepresented scientific research when submitting findings to a consultation on minimum alcohol pricing.

Daily Mail - Being overweight and drinking alcohol TRIPLES the risk of deadly liver disease in women

Being overweight and drinking alcohol dramatically increases the risk of developing fatty liver disease, according to a study presented at the International Liver Congress. - Clues into how alcohol disrupts the brain

Researchers have identified how alcohol might affect key brain proteins. The finding could eventually lead to the development of drugs that could disrupt the interaction between alcohol and the brain.

Al-Monitor (Tunisia) - Alcohol Consumption High In Tunisia, Despite Prices

Alcohol consumption in Tunisia has never been a matter of a trend or a social phenomenon. Rather, there is a cultural tradition of consumption that dates back to the seventh century B.C. and is not relevant to social, religious or even moral values. - This Kills More People than AIDS or Tuberculosis

April raises awareness for both Alcohol and Domestic Violence. Unfortunately, there is a great need for more awareness of both. My patients in and around menopause commonly discuss issues related to alcohol and if I ask about it, they discuss domestic violence issues with me as well.

The Independent (UK) - Supermarkets 'distorted' scientific findings on alcohol

Leading supermarkets and drinks companies distorted evidence in an attempt to prevent the Scottish Government introducing a minimum price for alcohol, researchers say.

Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) - Doctors tired of alcohol damage

Surgeons across Australia are urging a change to the nation's drinking culture, saying they are tired of patching up people hurt as a result of drunken violence.

ABC Online (Australia) - Call for tougher restrictions on alcohol advertising in sport

New research analysing alcohol advertisements during the finals series of both the AFL (Australian Football League) and NRL (National Rugby League) reveals the large number of alcohol ads during both broadcasts.

Daily Free Press (USA) - Student alcohol abuse misjudged, study suggests

Despite older research stating otherwise, a new study suggests alcohol abuse and related deaths may be more prevalent on college campuses than previously thought, something that several Boston University students said could be reversed with increased awareness. (UK) - Anna Soubry: Minimum alcohol pricing is still Government policy

Anna Soubry, the minister for public health, has said that minimum alcohol pricing is still necessary despite David Cameron scrapping the controversial measures.

Atlanta Business Chronicle (USA) - Survey: Up to 3 million alcohol-impaired teens could soon hit roads

The next few months bring graduations and summer celebrations – and likely more teen drinking and driving, according to a survey by Liberty Mutual Insurance and Students Against Destructive Decisions. (Canada) - 'Responsibly' ads for alcohol moderation get mixed reviews

An Alberta advertising campaign encouraging drinking in moderation that wraps up this week received mixed reviews.