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Monday, April 8, 2013

Alcohol News - 14/2013



EurActiv (EU) - Fighting alcohol harm: The EU's strategy under review

Europeans have the highest per-capita consumption of alcohol, and drinking causes nearly 1-in-10 cases of ill health and premature death. The European Commission’s informal alcohol strategy, launched in 2006, is set for a detailed evaluation in 2013, with the policy objective of reducing the health and social harm caused by excessive alcohol consumption.

Finland Times (Finland) - Google stops alcohol ads

Search engine operator and online marketing company Google has decided to stop advertisements of alcohol and alcoholic beverages in Finland from Tuesday.

Mmegi Online (Botswana) - Botswana drinking rate fell before alcohol levy

A World Health Organisation (WHO) report indicates that the rate of drinking in Botswana was already declining before the alcohol levy was introduced in 2008. The report says that Botswana's alcohol consumption went down in a five-year period from 2000-2005.

Egypt Independent (Egypt) - Bad spirits: Brotherhood govt targets Egypt's alcohol industry

A few streets down from a crowded local mosque in the affluent satellite suburb of 6th of October City, Abu Ramez proudly stacks Egyptian beer and wine onto the shelves of his supermarket, Bazaar al-Gamaa. (Nigeria) - Nigeria: Minister Cautions Nigerians On Excessive Salt, Alcohol Intake

The Minister of State for Health, Dr Muhammad Pate, on Sunday cautioned on excessive consumption of salt and alcohol as the world marks the Health Day.

New Vision (Uganda) - Drivers should not take any alcohol – Police

AS long as you have tasted alcohol, do not get behind the wheel, otherwise you risk being arrested and charged, says Dr. Steven Kasiima, the traffic Police senior commissioner. (Russia) - Government campaign targets alcohol abuse

A legendary capacity for hard drinking is finally being challenged – by a changing work ethic and a government crackdown.

BU Today - A Drink a Day Raises Cancer Risk, Study Says

How many of us enjoy a glass or two of wine at dinner? How many of us have read that moderate drinking of red wine is good for the heart? How many of us know that even moderate drinking might increase our cancer risk?

The Independent (UK) - Street disorder drops after Ipswich bans super-strength alcohol

An East Anglian town has seen a dramatic fall in street disorder since most of its shopkeepers banned the sale of super-strength alcohol.

Daily Mail (UK) - Children as young as SEVEN are being admitted to hospital with alcohol addiction

Children as young as seven are being admitted to hospital with alcohol problems, an investigation has found.

Herald Scotland (Scotland) - Underage drink fears as supermarket beats ban

THE campaign against underage drinking and anti-social behaviour in Scotland has been dealt a heavy blow after the country's largest local authority lost a landmark ruling at the Court of Session. (Australia) - Close legal loophole and boot out booze ads, VicHealth urges

A LEGAL loophole allowing alcohol advertising during the day should be closed immediately, the state's peak health group has urged.

Pro Bono Australia (Australia) - Cost of Alcohol Misuse Double Govt Revenue

The cost to society from alcohol harm and misuse in Australia is double that raised in tax and excise revenue by the Federal Government, according to a new study by the Australian Institute of Criminology (AIC).

RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty - Low Life Expectancy Continues To Plague Former Soviet Countries

More than two decades after the fall of communism, most former Soviet countries still have mortality rates significantly higher than those in Western Europe.

B92 (Serbia) - Serbia "fourth in alcohol consumption"

An adult citizen of Serbia consumes an average of about 11 liters of alcohol each year, ranking Serbia the fourth country in Europe.

CTV News (Canada) - Ontario's doctors say province needs to address its 'drinking problem'

Ontario has a drinking problem and the government must do something about it, the organization representing the province's doctors said Tuesday.