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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

News and updates Mar 2013: minimum pricing plans in doubt; UK health bodies support 'statement of concern' over industry; other news

The Government has emphasised it is yet to confirm its
on minimum unit pricing (MUP) as Home Office minister Jeremy Brown said the Government were listening to "powerfull arguments on both sides" following the recent consultation. The Home Office website still states it "will introduce a minimum unit price for alcohol" - but for how long?
Last week fresh reports that the Prime Minister had u-turned on minimum unit pricing emerged, suggesting he had given in to pressure from a number of cabinet ministers. However speaking in the House of Commons, David Cameron insisted he was "determined" to deal with cheap alcohol. Health bodies urged the Government to stand firm on MUP.

Confirmation of whether MUP may come on Wednesday with the announcement of the budget. It has already been indicated that the alcohol duty escalator - increasing duty by 2% above inflation - is expected to be continued despite calls from pub and trade bodies to axe it.   > > > >  Read More