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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

ALCOHOL POLICY, UNDERAGE DRINKING PREVENTION, AND SOCIAL CHANGE: Rebalancing the Public Good and Industry Profitability

James F. Mosher, JD Alcohol Policy Specialist Alcohol Policy Consultations - Felton California

According to the latest estimates of the global burden of disease study, alcohol is the leading risk factor in most countries of the Americas Region. Implementing effective alcohol policies that would reduce the burden of non communicable diseases, injuries, underage drinking, at the same time that they would make economic sense, remain both a challenge and a priority for PAHO/WHO and MemberStates. Such policies need also to counter balancing the influence of the alcohol industry, which is rapidly expanding in the Region.

Jim Mosher’s presentation will focus on preventing underage drinking: alcohol policies shown to be effective, the alcohol industry’s role and economic stake in the policy debate, and community-based implementation strategies.

James Mosher's pioneering work in alcohol policy has brought him international acclaim. His expertise spans numerous topics, including underage drinking prevention, alcohol marketing, community prevention strategies, alcohol law, dram shop liability, and social host liability. His services include consulting, keynote presentations, workshops and trainings, policy analysis, and advocacy in media and policy. He has also served as a WHO consultant on numerous occasions, an expert witness and consultant in alcohol litigation cases. 

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