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Monday, February 4, 2013

Alcohol News - 5/2013

Science Nordic (Nordic) - High levels of drugs, medicines and alcohol in dead drivers
A new study shows that alcohol, illegal drugs, and prescribed medicines are contributing factors in roughly half of all fatal road accidents in Sweden, Finland and Norway.
THL (Finland) - Alcohol-related harm at a high level
The prevalence of alcohol-related harm remained high in 2011, according to the latest Yearbook of Alcohol and Drug Statistics.
Zee News (Russia) - Russia mulls ban on duty-free alcohol on planes
Russian lawmakers are looking to ban passengers from carrying duty-free alcohol on board airplanes, amid a rise in disruption caused by Russian drunk travellers, Russian media said.
Radio Iowa - Study finds first drink of alcohol from a friend has lots of consequences
A national study led by University of Iowa researchers finds kids who get their first drink from a friend are more likely to drink sooner in life. The U-I’s Samuel Kuperman, a child and adolescent psychiatrist, part of the reason is it’s easier to get a first drink from a friend.
GlobalPost - Alcohol in excess has lasting effects on brain, study says
Excessive alcohol use has lasting effects on the brain according to a new study. Researchers found that excessive alcohol consumption while young had effects on memory, brain size and learning later in life.
The Guardian (UK) - Alcohol labels to include calorie content
Drinkers will have even less excuse for getting a beer belly or putting on weight under government plans that would display the calorie content of beer, wine and spirits on bottles and cans.
Times of India (India) - Need control on alcohol, diet to curb cancer: Doctors
Two-thirds of the cancer cases in India can be prevented either by making effective policies or better implementation of the existing ones, say experts. What's more, a grip on alcohol consumption and obesity can help prevent a large percentage of cancer.
GlobalPost (Chile) - Chilean researchers to conduct human trials of alcohol vaccine in India
Chilean researchers plan to start human trials an alcohol vaccine in India later this year. The aim of the hangover-inducing drug is to help cure alcoholism, according to Dr Juan Asenjo of the Institute for Cell Dynamics and Biotechnology at Universidad de Chile.
Khaleej Times (UK) - 1,000 British doctors charged with alcohol abuse
Doctor heal thyself. Over 1,000 doctors in Britain have faced disciplinary hearings for alcohol and drug misuse over the past five years, a media report said.
Dublin People (Ireland) - Junior Minister to bring alcohol proposals to the Cabinet
Minister of State for Primary Care, Deputy Alex White (Lab), is to bring concrete proposals to the Cabinet next week on long awaited legislation to curb alcohol abuse.
Voice of America (Malawi) - Malawi to Restrict Alcohol Consumption
A 2009 survey by the World Health Organization on Non Communicable Diseases, or NCDs, and its risk factors shows that 20 percent of all Malawians consume alcohol.
New Scientist (UK) - Minimum booze price will rein in alcohol abuse
Binge drinking and preloading – drinking cheap shop-bought alcohol before going to a bar – are two behaviours the UK government hopes to curb by imposing a minimum price for alcohol.
VOXXI - Exposure to alcohol ads makes children more prone to underage drinking
Children exposed to alcohol ads on television may be more inclined to start drinking as early as seventh grade, and the more exposure to such advertising and the higher the level of enjoyment gained from watching it, the more likely children are to drink by the time they reach tenth grade.
Belfast Telegraph (UK) - Zero alcohol limit urged for young
Half of UK motorists would welcome a zero drink-driving alcohol limit for young drivers, according to a survey.