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Monday, January 28, 2013

Alcohol News - 4/2013

The Baltic Course (Estonia) - The Economist places Estonia on top position in its alcohol sale top list
The pocket boom "Pocket World in Figures 2013", issued by the Economist, indicates that more alcohol is sold in Estonia per capita than in any other state in the world, LETA/Public Broadcasting reports.
Postimees (Estonia) - Estonian minister against equal excise rates for strong, light alcohol
Social Affairs Minister Taavi Roivas has said he is not in favor of a proposal of Estonian producers of strong alcohol to equalize the excise duty rates for strong alcoholic beverages and low-alcohol beverages.
YLE uutiset (Finland) - Campaign wants to stop adults buying alcohol for kids
A new campaign by the Finnish Parents' League calls attention to the practice of parents purchasing alcohol for teens. The street campaign plastered across Finnish cities asks parents whether they're pushing alcohol on their children.
Mpelembe (Sweden) - Leading Swedish doctor claims some alcoholics can be taught to drink moderately
Doctor Sven Andreasson, who has carried out research into the subject of alcoholism in his role as adjunct professor of social medicine at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, has claimed that abstinence is not the only way to treat those with drink problems. Instead, cognitive behavioural therapy techniques could be used to teach problem drinkers to drink moderately.
Nursing Times - Calls for international consensus on alcohol consumption
Psychologists from the University of Sussex have called for unified alcohol consumption guidelines after discovering different countries have significantly different approaches.
About - News & Issues - TV Alcohol Ads Influence Underage Drinking
Most parents are concerned about the influence that media has on their kids, from encouraging them to smoke and drink alcohol, to doing drugs or becoming violent. That's why many try to supervise and limit what they watch on TV, which movies they see, and what video games they play.
Press TV (UK) - Female death toll from alcohol abuse soars faster than male’s
More career women are dying of alcohol-related deaths in Britain than men and the number of deaths has been fast growing during the past decade, fresh figures show. (Australia) - Alcohol campaign 'tinkering'
A STATE government campaign to promote drinking wisely is "tinkering around the edges", the Police Association said.
USA Today - Health roundup: Alcohol and sleep don't mix, study says
Drinking alcohol may help you fall asleep faster, but is likely to disrupt your sleep later in the night and leave you less rested, a new review of 27 studies confirms. Alcohol also can contribute to sleep apnea, a disruption in breathing during sleep. - Intervention for High-Risk Teens Can Reduce Alcohol Abuse
Mental health interventions directed toward high-risk teenagers significantly reduces their drinking behavior and that of their schoolmates.
Science Daily - Alcohol Use from Adolescence to Adulthood Follows Different, Complex Pathways
Adolescence is often a time of novelty seeking and risk taking, including the initiation of drinking. While heavy drinking that begins in adolescence can lead to problematic alcohol use later in life, other risk factors are also involved in trajectories of alcohol use that may develop.
7thSpace Interactive - Alcohol-related dementia: an update of the evidence
The characteristics of dementia relating to excessive alcohol use have received increased research interest in recent times. In this paper, the neuropathology, nosology, epidemiology, clinical features, and neuropsychology of alcohol-related dementia (ARD) and alcohol-induced persisting amnestic syndrome (Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome, or WKS) are reviewed.
CNN - Mental health manual changes may turn binge drinkers into mild alcoholics
Are you an alcoholic -- or just a problem drinker? It may not matter, according to the latest version of the DSM, psychiatry's diagnostic manual.
ABC News (Ireland) - Irish County Votes to Let Some Drive Drunker
The County Kerry Council in southwest Ireland passed a measure on Monday that allows rural drivers to legally drive while under the influence of alcohol.
Brafton - Auto brands and alcohol companies are cranking out social media content
Social media – it’s not going anywhere – and neither are the experts who develop initiatives and strategies for sites like Facebook and Twitter. According to The Dachis Group’s Social Business Index, a report that ranks the world’s top-performing social companies, Chrysler, Carlsberg and Diageo proved themselves to be businesses with sound social strategies. Topping the list were National Amusements Inc. (Viacom) and The Walt Disney Company. - New review spotlights the damage from binge drinking alcohol
Alcoholic liver disease (ALD) covers a range of diseases such as fatty liver, hepatitis and cirrhosis. All are commonly linked to alcohol abuse or the disease of alcoholism.
Irish Health (Ireland) - Suicide - alcohol abuse must be tackled
The high suicide level among young Irish men could be reduced if more was done to tackle the issue of alcohol abuse, Alcohol Action Ireland has said.
Science Daily - The Ability to 'Hold One's Liquor' Indicates Risk of Developing Alcohol Problems
Prior studies have shown that a low subjective response (SR) to alcohol is a risk factor for alcohol use disorders (AUDs). Research on moderate drinkers has shown that acquired tolerance is different from initial response, and is also significantly associated with drinking problems.
Indian Express - Women drink more alcohol after marriage
Women consume more alcohol after they get married while men actually cut down after marriage, a survey has found. (Canada) - Finance minister says no to selling alcohol in corner stores
The provincial government says it has no plans to either privatize the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation or to allow the sale of alcohol in corner stores, rejecting an idea put forward by Progressive-Conservative Leader Jamie Baillie.
WA today (Australia) - Local bottle shops linked to mental health
While being within walking distance of your local corner bottle shop may be convenient, a Perth university has found a link between the number of neighbourhood liquor outlets and harmful drinking behaviour, in first-of-its-kind research.