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Friday, November 16, 2012

Current Issue: September–October 2012

Interventions and Assessments

•Cutoffs for Unhealthy Alcohol Use Are Actually Lower than Those Often Suggested
•Alcohol Screening and Brief Intervention in General Practice: Can You Lead a Mule to Water?
•Is Low-Risk Drinking an Appropriate Treatment Outcome for Individuals with Alcohol Use Disorders?
•Naltrexone for Alcohol Dependence May Be Particularly Beneficial among People Who Smoke
•Topiramate Did Not Increase Abstinence from Methamphetamine but Might Reduce Use
• Voluntary Brief Intervention for Multiple Substances Is of Questionable Benefit in Young Adult Men
•Alcohol-Related Deaths in Scotland: Care for People with Dependence is Available, but High-Quality Care Is Lacking

Health Outcomes

•Light Drinking May Relate to an Increased Risk for Certain Cancers
•African-American Adolescents Are Less Likely to Sell or Use Illicit Drugs but More Likely to Be Arrested 


 •Pretreatment Alcohol Intake and Duration of Pretreatment Abstinence Do Not Impact HCV Treatment Outcomes
•Decreased Quality of Care for HIV-infected People Who Use Alcohol and Other Drugs
•Methadone Maintenance after Prison Release Reduces HIV Injection-Risk Behaviors but Not Sex-Risk Behaviors 

Ethical Conduct of Alcohol and Other Drug Research: Feature Article

  • Ethical Considerations in Research Using the Drug of Addiction as Treatment: What Can Researchers Learn from Heroin Prescription Studies?

Slide Presentations

  • Update on Alcohol, Other Drugs, and Health
  • Journal Club

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