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Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Moderating Effect of Alcohol-Specific Parental Rule-Setting on the Relation between the Dopamine D2 Receptor Gene (DRD2), the Mu-Opioid Receptor

The main aim of the study was to test the moderating effect of two genetic polymorphisms, one in the dopamine D2 receptor gene (DRD2) and one in the mu-opioid receptor gene (OPRM1), on the link between parental rule-setting and adolescent alcohol use.

A total of 214 adolescents (Mage = 13.7, 44.9% male) provided saliva samples and completed survey items describing alcohol use and parental rule-setting.

Findings indicated that alcohol-specific parental rule-setting was more robustly associated with alcohol use for adolescents with the DRD2 A1 risk allele and for those with the OPRM1 G-allele.

This study replicates the interaction between parental rule-setting and the DRD2 risk allele on adolescent alcohol use and extends the literature by demonstrating the moderating effects of the OPRM1 risk allele on the link between parental rule-setting and adolescent alcohol use.

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