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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Alcohol and Drugs - Readable and well-researched information for the public


  • Alcohol: our favourite drug – useful information if you are worried about your drinking
  • Alcohol and Depression
  • Alcohol and Older People
  • Alcohol, drugs and addictions: leaflet for carers and professionals (produced for our Partners in Care campaign).
  • Cannabis and mental health: looks at the research on the effects of cannabis use
  • Cannabis and mental health: key facts
  • Exercise and mental health
  • Eating well
  • Mental illness, offending and substance misuse
  • Problem gambling
  • Smoking and mental health

Reading about self-help

  • Drug misuse problems

Children and young people

  • Alcohol and drugs : what parents need to know
  • Drugs and alcohol: what young people need to know

Related topics

  • Alcohol and other drug misuse : informative leaflet challenging our attitudes towards people with alcohol and drug problems

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