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Friday, June 1, 2012

Alcohol Research UK reports: Internet influences on adolescents; Gender, Alcohol & interventions; Identifiying promising approaches to reducing alcoho

Reports recently published from Alcohol Research UK include:

Internet Influences on Adolescent Attitudes to Alcohol
This study, carried out by the Institute of Alcohol Studies, examined the characteristics and influence of actual Internet content experienced by young people.

Gender, Alcohol and Interventions

This research, led by Dr Richard de Visser at Sussex University, was co-funded with Comic Relief and investigated how gender attributes and attitudes affect young men’s and women’s alcohol use, and whether different health promotion interventions were required for young men and women.

Identifying promising approaches and initiaties to reducing alcohol related harm

This project, co-funded by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and led by Dr Rachel Herring at Middlesex University, aimed to identify promising approaches that could be included in multi-component programmes (MCPs) to reduce alcohol related harm at local level in the UK. Following on from this study, the group held a workshop in March this year to explore the experiences of working with ‘Frequent Flyers’, who form a set of clients repeatedly admitted to hospital or attending A&E for treatment for alcohol-related conditions. > > > > Read More