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Sunday, April 1, 2012

FASD News - 14/2012

NEWS AND ARTICLES (USA) - FASD Meeting: Alaska Native Leaders Tackle Fetal Alcohol Issue
Alaska state health officials say Native leaders are gathering in Anchorage to participate in a two-day meeting that will address fetal alcohol spectrum disorders.
Read more (USA) - Growing problem
While the number of babies born with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder appears to be decreasing, one FASD worker observes that more children are being born addicted to drugs.
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New Zealand Herald (New Zealand) - Kids dying because of drinking – experts
Hundreds of children are injured, killed or abused every year by caregivers who have been drinking but agencies are failing to grasp the extent of the problem, experts say.
Read more (New Zealand) - Alcohol warnings to pregnant women
A plan to target pregnant women in warning labels on alcohol products may have already encountered a setback, with Dominion Breweries (DB) confirming they won't be complying for at least two years - when the rule is likely to become mandatory.
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TVNZ (New Zealand) - Drinking while pregnant an underrated problem – experts
Women drinking while pregnant could be harming thousands of babies a year, according to new research findings released today.
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MarketWatch - Michael W. Miller Responds to New Study on In Utero Alcohol Exposure, Urges Caution in Reading Data
A New Study Shows That Alcohol Has Truly Damaging Effects on the Developing Fetus, and Suggests That Alcohol May Actually Prove More Detrimental Than Cocaine and Other Narcotics -- But According to Scientist Michael W. Miller, This May Not Be Entirely Accurate.
Read more - Should pregnant women face child abuse charges?
Do you know someone who smokes or drinks while pregnant? Well substance abuse during pregnancy has been proven to have negative effects on and unborn baby ranging from birth defects and death.
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GoDanRiver (USA) - School board decides to study fetal alcohol syndrome
The Rockingham School Board met Monday night and voted to join a partnership with the National Health Institute on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder.
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Alcoholism - Metabolic Biomarkers of Prenatal Alcohol Exposure in Human Embryonic Stem Cell–Derived Neural Lineages
EtOH exposure induces statistically significant changes to the metabolome profile of human embryoid bodies, neural progenitors, and neurons. Several of these metabolites are normally present in human serum, suggesting their usefulness as potential serum FASD biomarkers. These findings suggest the biochemical pathways that are affected by EtOH in the developing nervous system and delineate mechanisms of alcohol injury during human development.
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Alcoholism - Opposing Actions of Ethanol and Nicotine on MicroRNAs are Mediated by Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptors in Fetal Cerebral Cortical–Derived Neural Progenitor Cells
EtOH and nicotine exert mutually antagonistic, nAChR-mediated effects on teratogen-sensitive miRNAs in fetal NSCs. These data suggest that concurrent exposure to EtOH and nicotine disrupts miRNA regulatory networks that are important for NSC maturation.
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Alcoholism - Delays in Auditory Processing Identified in Preschool Children with FASD
Both sensory and cognitive deficits have been associated with prenatal exposure to alcohol; however, very few studies have focused on sensory deficits in preschool-aged children. As sensory skills develop early, characterization of sensory deficits using novel imaging methods may reveal important neural markers of prenatal alcohol exposure.
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Alcohol - Ontogenetic differences in ethanol's motivational properties during infancy
These results illustrate an ontogenetic change in the motivational properties of ethanol, with sensitivity to its appetitive properties declining and responsiveness to the aversive properties increasing with age during early infancy.
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Alcohol - Recognized spontaneous abortion in mid-pregnancy and patterns of pregnancy alcohol use
Identifying fetal risk drinking in pregnant women is critical to increasing the effectiveness of interventions that reduce risk level alcohol consumption and protect from pregnancy loss.
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Alcohol - Neonatal screening for prenatal alcohol exposure: Assessment of voluntary maternal participation in an open meconium screening program
We conclude that despite the potential benefits of such screening programs, maternal unwillingness to consent, likely due to fear, embarrassment, and guilt, may limit the effectiveness of meconium testing for population-based open screening, highlighting the need for public education and social marketing efforts for such programs to be of benefit.
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Alcoholism - False-Positive Meconium Test Results for Fatty Acid Ethyl Esters Secondary to Delayed Sample Collection
Meconium analysis for fatty acid ethyl esters (FAEEs) is a validated method for identifying heavy prenatal ethanol (EtOH) exposure. This study investigated whether delayed sample collection can result in false-positive test results for FAEEs because of collection of samples potentially contaminated with postnatally produced stool.
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Globe Pequot Press – Preggatinis. Mixology for the Mom-to-Be
Within these pages are 75 original Preggatini recipes highlighting fresh juices, herbs, and garnishes as well as ideas for Preggatini Parties—a modern spin on the humdrum baby shower.
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The American College for Obstetriciansand Gynecologists – Women and alcohol
This web site it brought to you by The American College for Obstetriciansand Gynecologists (The College) ( with funding fromthe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities - Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Prevention Team (
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