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Monday, March 12, 2012

Alcohol News - 11/2012

The (Norway) - Use LSD to combat alcoholism: experts
A team of Norwegian researchers has established that the psychedelic drug LSD is an effective medicine for the treatment of alcoholism, arguing that it should be used more widely.
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YLE News (Finland) - Pellervo: class 3 beer restrictions would increase booze cruises
According to a report by the Pellervo Economic Research PTT think tank, transferring sales of class 3 beer to state Alko stores would increase passenger imports of alcoholic beverages by one-third. Other effects would be a reduction in state tax revenues and a greater concentration of retail outlets.
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Helsingin Sanomat (Finland) - Survey shows Finns increasingly in favour of restrictive alcohol policies
Attitudes of the Finnish people toward the consumption and distribution of alcoholic beverages have become increasingly restrictive, according to a survey by the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL).
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YLE News (Finland) - Peacekeepers accept zero tolerance policy on alcohol
The Association of Finnish Peacekeepers says it accepts the idea of zero tolerance towards the consumption of alcohol during missions abroad. However, the Association adds a decision on the issue rests entirely with the Finnish Defence Forces.
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The (Norway/Sweden) - Booze and butter boost Norwegians' Swedish spending spree
Norwegians spent more than 13 billion kronor ($1.9 billion) during one-day shopping trips to Sweden last year, meaning almost 6 percent ofNorway's consumer food and beverage trade has migrated to Sweden.
Read more (Lithuania) - Lithuanian courts declare beer an 'essential service' to cover attacks on union rights at Carlsberg Lithuania!
Management attacks on workers and their unions continue at Carlsberg, the world's 4th largest brewery company. A planned strike by union workers at the Carlsberg brewery in Lithuania has been declared illegal by an outrageous court decision which is now the subject of an ILO complaint.
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TIME - Study: Does Alcohol in Movies Drive Teens to Binge Drink?
A new study from six European countries suggests that teens who see more boozy scenes in movies are more likely to binge drink.
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MarketWatch (USA) – Interlocks for First-time DUI Convictions Cut Repeat Offenses; Study of Washington Drivers Supports Mandatory Interlock Laws
People convicted for the first time of alcohol-impaired driving are less likely to reoffend if they have to install alcohol interlocks on their vehicles, a new study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety shows.
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Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) - Should packaged alcohol display health warnings?
WINEMAKERS understand why some people like the idea of health warnings on alcohol containers. It's simple, consistent, gets the message onto the product itself and is easy for policy makers to implement and monitor.
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Scotsman (Scotland) – 1 in 3 teenagers binge drinking by age of 13
ONE in three Scottish teenagers is binge drinking by the age of 13, according to shocking new research which lays bare the extent of the nation’s alcohol crisis.
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dailyRx - Alcohol While Pregnant is Worse Than Cocaine or Pot
Children exposed to as little as half an alcoholic drink a day in utero - even if they didn't have fetal alcohol syndrome - appeared to suffer in their achievement test scores.
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Texas Tribune (USA) - TABC Develops Apps to Curb Excessive, Underage Drinking
As college students from across the nation head to Texas beaches for spring break, the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission is already making plans to have new tools at its disposal for next year's partiers — mobile phone apps that it hopes will curb excessive and underage drinking.
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BBC News (Scotland) - Scottish Tories drop opposition to minimum alcohol pricing
The Scottish Conservative Party has dropped its opposition to minimum unit pricing for alcohol. Tory leader Ruth Davidson confirmed that her party would now support the Scottish government plans.
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Independent Online (South Africa) - Alcohol ads ban a ‘last, last resort’
There are no definite plans to ban alcohol adverts but all options to curb alcohol abuse are being considered, Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry Elizabeth Thabethe said on Thursday.
Read more (Rwanda) - Debate on Underage Alcohol Consumption Intensifies
As government moves to tackle the problem of alcohol and drug abuse among the youth, a cross section of the public has come out to say that sensitisation on the dangers of excessive alcohol consumption should be put forward.
Read more (Thailand) - Alcohol & Politics: A Volatile Mix in Thailand
One of Thailand's most powerful politicians has denied accusations that "he was drunk" in Parliament, prompting a lively public debate about alcohol use by politicians and the legal limits on reporting such allegations.
Read more (UK) - Middle aged ignoring health messages on alcohol consumption
A new survey finds that adults aged 45 and over are more than three times as likely to drink alcohol almost every day as those under 45. This could mean that the middle aged population is ignoring the serious health risks associated with excessive drinking. The age disparity is most pronounced among women.
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Belfast Telegraph (Northern Ireland) - Minimum alcohol price considered for Nothern Ireland
Tackling the problems associated with the availability of cheap alcohol in Northern Ireland has become a political priority.
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North Country Gazette (USA) - Survey: 10% Of Adults In Recovery From Drugs, Alcohol
Survey data released Tuesday by The Partnership at and the New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services (OASAS) show that 10 percent of all American adults, ages 18 and older, consider themselves to be in recovery from drug or alcohol abuse problems.
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Wall Street Journal (EU/US) - Treatment for Alcoholics Set for Europe, But Not U.S.
Lundbeck A/S expects European marketing authorization for its alcohol dependence treatment Selincro within the year, but the Danish pharmaceutical group isn’t aiming to get into the U.S. market any time soon.
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MSN NZ News (New Zealand) - Harm done to Kiwi kids by alcohol a focus
The harm done to Kiwi babies and children by alcohol will be the focus of a conference in Wellington later this month.
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Fox News (Germany) - German town gets tough on drunk cycling
A German university town is throwing the book at drunk cyclists -- by applying drunk driving laws to peddlers. Under the new rules in Munster, 296 miles west of the capital Berlin, anyone caught cycling inebriated faces a ban from bike riding, news website The Local reported Friday.
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