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Monday, February 20, 2012

FASD News - 7/2012

The New Age Online (South Africa) - Foetal alcohol syndrome rate drops 30%
There’s been a dramatic drop of 30% in the incidence of foetal alcohol syndrome disorders (FASD) in the province since 2002, apparently as a result of successful prevention programmes by the Foundation for Alcohol Related Research.
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Nursing Review (Australia) - Push for national strategy for foetal alcohol disorder
A parliamentary inquiry is generating calls for FASD to be recognised as a disability. Parents, foster carers, nurses and other health workers who have experience with foetal alcohol spectrum disorders have been urged to tell their story to federal parliament.
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Smithers Interior News (Canada) - Rural area great for hosting FASD conference
Renowned doctor and speaker Gabor Maté opened last week’s regional Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) conference in Smithers with a keynote address.
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CTV Saskatoon (Canada) - Convention helps people learn to cope with FASD
A preventable disorder is still a concern in Saskatchewan. Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder affects a person's ability to cope in life. Conventions, like the one held in Saskatoon this week, hope to give a better understanding of FASD, so those with it can lead a better life.
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Voxy (New Zealand) - Scandalous perpetuation of brain damage to children
Alcohol Healthwatch launched an on-line resource today to assist health professionals talk to their pregnant patients about alcohol.
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The Associated Press (USA) - Tribe suing beer companies for alcohol problems
An American Indian tribe sued some of the world's largest beer makers Thursday, claiming they knowingly contributed to devastating alcohol-related problems on South Dakota's Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.
Read more (South Africa) - South Africa considers law banning sale of alcohol to pregnant women
The move is designed to cut one of the world's highest rates of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, which sees babies develop mental and physical defects in the womb due to a mother's heavy drinking.
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New York Times (USA) - Dog is Only Cure for 13-Year-Old with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
In May 1999, Donnie Kanter Winokur, 43, a writer and multimedia producer, and her husband, Rabbi Harvey Winokur, 49, beheld the son of their dreams, the child infertility denied them. Andrey, a pale dark-eyed 1-year-old in a cotton onesie, held in a standing position by a caregiver, appeared in a short videotape recorded in a Russian orphanage. If the couple liked the little boy, they could begin the legal process of adopting him. They liked the little boy very much.
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Vaada E-News (Australia) - Hansard: Social Policy and Legal Affairs Committee - inquiry into the incidence and prevention of foetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD)
Monday, 13 February 2012 House of Representatives - Committees - Social Policy and Legal Affairs Committee - inquiry into the incidence and prevention of foetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD).
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AKOAOTEAROA - Pregnancy & Alcohol Cessation Toolkit
This resource aims to improve health professional’s consultation confidence and competence to optimise the implementation of the Ministry of Health’s practical guide on alcohol and pregnancy.
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Information and ideas to help persons with FASDs live healthy and purposeful lives
Best I Can Be: Living with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome or Effects by Liz Kulp.
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NIAAA - Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders: Understanding the Effects of Prenatal Alcohol Exposure
When pregnant women drink, they put their unborn babies at risk for a wide range of physical, cognitive, and behavioral problems. In fact, prenatal alcohol exposure is the leading preventable cause of birth defects in the United States.
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Deborah Rutmans presentation at the FASD Support Network of Saskatchewan Conference „Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Here and Now“

Alcoholism - Metabolic Biomarkers of Prenatal Alcohol Exposure in Human Embryonic Stem Cell–Derived Neural Lineages
Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD) are a leading cause of neurodevelopmental disability. The mechanisms underlying FASD are incompletely understood, and biomarkers to identify those at risk are lacking. Here, we perform metabolomic analysis of embryoid bodies and neural lineages derived from human embryonic stem (hES) cells to identify the neural secretome produced in response to ethanol (EtOH) exposure.
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Alcoholism - Housing in Environmental Complexity Following Wheel Running Augments Survival of Newly Generated Hippocampal Neurons in a Rat Model of Binge Alcohol Exposure During the Third Trimester Equivalent
WR followed by EC could provide a behavioral model for developing interventions in humans to ameliorate hippocampal-dependent impairments associated with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders.
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Alberta Centre for Child, Family and Community Research - FASD Learning Series webcast: „Cognitive Interventions to Improve Memory“
Wednesday, Feb. 22, 2012. 9-11 AM.
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Nutrition Research Institute -Registration 2012 Frontiers in Nutrition Seminar Series
Tuesday, February 21, 2012 "The Prevalence of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD)" Dr. Philip May.
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The FASD Trust (UK) - Managing Difficult Behaviour in FASD Children in the Community
Friday, 24 February 2012 09:30 - 16:30 (GMT)
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EUFASD - Second European Conference on FASD
The European FASD Alliance is pleased to announce the Second European Conference on FASD – Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders: clinical and biochemical diagnosis, screening and follow-up, which will take place in Barcelona, October 21 to 24, 2012.
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Medical facts (Netherlands) - Joldersma: vaart maken met waarschuwingslogo alcohol
De minister van VWS moet zo snel mogelijk om tafel met de alcoholbranche om te praten over een waarschuwingslogo voor zwangere vrouwen op alcoholhoudende dranken. Dat bepleitte Cisca Joldersma tijdens een Algemeen Overleg over het alcoholbeleid. Onlangs gaf de minister in antwoord op schriftelijke vragen van Sabine Uitslag (CDA) aan dat ze wil proberen het logo via zelfregulering in te voeren.