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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Expanding the Framework of Treatment

293 In This Issue [PDF]

295  Advances in Alcoholism Treatment [PDF]
Robert B. Huebner with Lori Wolfgang Kantor 

300 Medications for Unhealthy Alcohol Use: Across the Spectrum  [PDF]
Stephanie S. O’Malley and Patrick G. O’Connor 

313 Behavioral Therapy Across the Spectrum [PDF]
Katie Witkiewitz and G. Alan Marlatt

320 The Use of Emerging Technologies in Alcohol Treatment [PDF]
John A. Cunningham, Kypros Kypri, and Jim McCambridge

327 An E-Health Solution for People With Alcohol Problems [PDF]
David H. Gustafson, Michael G. Boyle, Bret R. Shaw, Andrew Isham, Fiona McTavish, Stephanie Richards, Christopher Schubert, Michael Levy, and Kim Johnson 

338 Integrating Care for People With Co-Occurring Alcohol and Other Drug, Medical, and Mental Health Conditions [PDF]
Stacy Sterling, Felicia Chi, and Agatha Hinman 

350 The Role of Mutual-Help Groups in Extending the Framework of Treatment  [PDF]
John F. Kelly and Julie D. Yeterian

356 Treating Alcoholism As a Chronic Disease: Approaches to Long-Term Continuing Care  [PDF]
James R. McKay and Susanne Hiller-Sturmhöfel 

371 The Recovery Spectrum: From Self-Change to Seeking Treatment  [PDF]
Jalie A. Tucker and Cathy A. Simpson
380 The Community Reinforcement Approach: An Update of the Evidence  [PDF]
Robert J. Meyers, Hendrik G. Roozen, and Jane Ellen Smith 

389 Health Services and Financing of Treatment  [PDF]
Maureen T. Stewart and Constance M. Horgan