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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Interaction among genes influencing ethanol metabolism and sex is association with alcohol use disorders in a Tibet population
Am J Med Genet Part B. Early View 4 Aug 2009

Associations between alcohol use disorders and polymorphisms of genes influencing ethanol metabolism have been widely reported, but gene-gene and gene-sex interaction studies have rarely been examined.

Using a set of samples collected during an epidemiological study of alcohol use disorders AUDs in a Tibetan population in China, we performed a case-control study to investigate the relationship between the functional polymorphisms of genes influencing ethanol metabolism and AUDs.

Cumulative association analysis showed the number of protective alleles and genotypes were negatively associated with AUDs.

In conclusion, ALDH2*2 and ADH1B*2 alleles were not only independently associated with AUDs but also demonstrated cumulative dosage effects. However the positive association between CYP2E1*c2 allele and AUDs might only exist in males homozygotic for ALDH2*1 and ADH1B*1

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