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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Pediatrics supplement now available

Underage Drinking: Understanding and Reducing Risk in the Context of Human Development

The articles in this supplement present the results of the discussions about underage drinking that took place among members of the NIAAA Team on Underage Drinking and its group of outside experts. We, the editors, believe they accurately and comprehensively address the nature of the complex relationship between development and underage drinking that was elucidated as the group interacted over time.

To provide an overarching framework for the articles that follow, the first article provides a developmental framework for understanding and addressing underage drinking. The next three articles present information on underage drinking divided into three age groupings: children under age 10, early adolescents ages 10–15 and late adolescents ages 16–20. As noted above, although these articles are divided by age, we wish to make it very clear that all who participated in the deliberations of the Underage Drinking Research Initiative view development as a continuous process that unfolds in different ways for different individuals, and which is not fully captured by chronological age. For this same reason certain topics necessarily appear in multiple articles because they are not confined in the course of natural development to a single age group.

Finally, to begin the transition of this basic work "from bench to bedside" the final three articles review the state of the science on prevention and treatment interventions for underage drinking.

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