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Saturday, July 14, 2007

The DASIS Report: Treatment Admissions with Medicaid as the Primary Expected or Actual Payment Source, 2005


  • SAMHSA's Treatment Episode Data Set (TEDS) provides information on significant primary sources of payment for substance abuse treatment admissions reported voluntarily by States that complete the TEDS Supplementary Data Set. This short report is based on data reported by the 27 States or jurisdictions with a response rate of 75% or higher on this data element in 2005.
  • In SAMHSA's 2005 Treatment Episode Data Set (TEDS) there were almost 614,300 substance abuse treatment facilities with known primary source of payment in the States with sufficient data for analysis. Nearly 81,100 of these substance abuse treatment admissions (13%) reported Medicaid as their primary expected or actual source of payment. Other payment sources included: other government sources (35%), self pay (23%), Blue Cross/Blue Shield (2%), other health insurance companies (4%), Medicare (1%), worker's compensation (<1%),>
  • Compared to substance abuse treatment admissions paid for by non Medicaid sources, higher proportions of Medicaid-paid admissions in 2005 were young, female, Black, or "not in the labor force."
  • Medicaid-paid substance abuse treatment admissions were more likely to report marijuana as their primary substance of abuse (26% vs. 17%) and less likely to report alcohol as their primary substance of abuse (28% vs. 42%).

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