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Monday, September 10, 2012

Conference - Alcohol and Dementia: improving understanding and practice

Where : Iris Murdoch Building, University of Stirling

When : 20th November 2012 (9 30 am - 3 15 pm)

Aim of the event

The conference aims to improve practitioner’s knowledge and understanding of the links between alcohol and dementia and of conditions that fall under the umbrella of alcohol related brain damage (ARBD). The conference will also provide evidence of best practice in services for people with ARBD that will enable attendees to improve care and support for people with ARBD in their own area.

Who is it for?

Health and social care professionals supporting people with dementia and staff working in addiction services.

This event will also be of interest to members of alcohol & drug partnership groups and voluntary organisations.

Summary of event:

Evidence would suggest that the numbers of people with ARBD are increasing and as a result of this the condition is increasingly recognised by policy makers and practitioners alike. The focus of the conference is individuals with cognitive impairment, probably dementia, which has resulted from alcohol consumption. There are many terms for such conditions so the catch-all term of ARBD is used to encompass these. Treatment, care and support for this group can be challenging and in the past individuals have often fallen between existing services: dementia services can’t manage as the individual has alcohol problems and alcohol services can’t manage as the person has cognitive impairment. However, this is changing and there are growing numbers of specialist practitioners and services developing across the UK and this is reflected in the speakers at this conference.

The conference brings together a multi-disciplinary group of academics and practitioners and the presentations will provide opportunities for improved knowledge, understanding and practice for attendees. The speakers include clinicians providing diagnosis, assessment, and ongoing support and rehabilitation; practitioners who provide care and support for people with ARBD; as well as academics from social and biological sciences. This mix of presenters will ensure that a broad range of knowledge and best practice is presented.

This event will cover:

  • Alcohol and dementia, an overview
  • Cognitive/neuropsychological rehabilitation for people with ARBD
  • Designing environments for people with ARBD
  • Training frontline staff to work with people with ARBD
  • Case management for people with ARBD
  • Nutrition, alcohol and the brain

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