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Monday, June 4, 2012

Trends and Social Differences in Alcohol Consumption during the Postcommunist Transition in Lithuania

The aim of the study was to evaluate the trends and social differences in consumption of various types of alcoholic beverages in Lithuania over the postcommunist transition period (1994–2010).

The data were obtained from nine nationally representative postal surveys of Lithuanian population aged 20–64 conducted every second year (𝑛=17154). Prevalence of regular (at least once a week) consumption of beer, wine, or strong alcoholic beverages and the amount of alcohol consumed per week were examined.

Regular beer drinking as well as the amounts consumed increased considerably in both genders. The increase in regular consumption of strong alcohol was found among women.

Sociodemographic patterning of regular alcohol drinking was more evident in women than in men. In women, young age and high education were associated with frequent regular drinking of wine and beer.

Social differences in regular alcohol d
rinking should be considered in further development of national alcohol control policy in Lithuania.

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