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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Alcohol Justice Calls Out "Drink Responsibly" Charade in New Report

Alcohol Justice, the U.S.-based industry watchdog, just released a new report debunking Big Alcohol’s cynical “Drink Responsibly” messages. How Big Alcohol Abuses “Drink Responsibly” to Market Its Products outlines many dangers of “drink responsibly” messages, and emphasizes the evidence that promoting “drink responsibly” messages is not effective policy to reduce alcohol-related harm. Yet Big Alcohol corporations continue to tout their voluntary messages as a useful public health measure, even while they include their brand names in the messages. “Alcohol producers and marketers are more interested in their public relations than public health,” said Sarah Mart, MS, MPH, director of research and co-author of the new report. “So it’s not surprising that they hide behind a vague, ineffective slogan that does nothing to reduce the annual catastrophe of harm caused by their products.” > > > > Read More