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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Computer based interventions: NHS Scotlands report explores potential

NHS Scotland have released a report on Computer based interventions: A report to rapidly assess the effectiveness evidence in relation to computer-based alcohol interventions.

Like recent and previous reviews, the report identifies potential for web-based interventions, but also limitations and the need for further research. The reports conclusion states:

Computer-based alcohol interventions delivered using the internet offer a potentially important new development for treatment and support, particularly for individuals unlikely to engage with traditional community-based services. Improvements in technology and increases in public access to the internet have increased the focus on the use of computer-based tools to deliver health information, education and intervention.

Despite this increased focus, the evidence on effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of these approaches to address alcohol misuse and related harm is limited... Potential harms to service-users can be minimised by ensuring security, quality and credibility issues are prioritised, and appropriate care-pathways are developed. Sustainability appears plausible over time, although this must be balanced against initial start up costs and funding required to appropriately market the intervention to those who could benefit from such an approach. > > > > Read More