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Friday, October 5, 2007

ADH7 Variation Modulates Extraversion and Conscientiousness in Substance-Dependent Subjects.
Am J Med Genet Part B. Early View Online 4 October 2007

Human personality traits have been closely linked to substance dependence (SD), and are partially genetically determined. Recently, associations between alcohol dehydrogenase 7 (ADH7) and SD have been reported, which led us to investigate the relationship between ADH7 variation and personality traits.

We assessed dimensions of the five-factor model of personality and genotyped 4 ADH7 markers and 38 unlinked ancestry-informative markers in 244 subjects with SD [178 European-Americans (EAs) and 66 African-Americans (AAs)] and 293 healthy subjects (253 EAs and 40 AAs).

The present study demonstrated that the ADH7 variation may contribute to the genetic component of variation in personality traits, with the risk for SD and personality traits being partially shared.

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