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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Global Actions - May 15, 2013

Global Actions in Focus
2013 Regional Workshops
Organized by Global Alcohol Producers Group (GAPG) and ICAP, the 2013 Regional Workshops in Africa, Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Americas focused on implementing the Beer, Wine and Spirits Producers’ Commitments at the regional and market level. Each two-day event featured participation from signatory companies, non-signatory companies, and trade associations, and focused on priority areas for each region.
Participants at the Africa Regional Workshop discuss issues.
The first workshops took place in February, with the Europe Regional Workshop being held in Brussels, Belgium, and the Africa Regional Workshop taking place in Cape Town, South Africa. The Asia Pacific Regional Workshop took place in Bangkok, Thailand in April, and the final workshop for the Americas concluded in Miami, Florida on May 1.
The goal of each meeting was to develop a Regional Action Plan that detailed industry efforts to support the Commitments. Each workshop recognized unique regional opportunities, as well as obstacles, and developed individualized plans to address them.
· In Africa, participants recognized possible obstacles to implementing the Commitments, including the presence of a large noncommercial alcohol sector. Recommendations included broadening conversations to bring together local and regional trade associations, government, and other partners to encourage participation by non-signatories.
· At the Asia Pacific Regional Workshop, participants identified several ways to work together to overcome pan-regional and country-specific issues including engaging all levels of government, building coalitions, enrolling non-signatory companies, and developing proactive engagement strategies.
· At the Americas Regional Workshop, best practices were identified and shared among participants, including having leadership become involved early in the planning stages and using both internal and external experts in development. Participants also emphasized the importance of using employees as ambassadors and engaging the trade sector.
· The Europe Regional Workshop participants were excited to utilize employees as ambassadors and develop relationships with other participants at the workshop. They also highlighted opportunities to engage with retailers by suggesting that the conversation begin at the CEO level, and approaching retailers with partnerships.
Participants at the Europe Regional Workshop pose for a group picture.
“While each of the four workshops was different, I was impressed by the enthusiasm of the participants and the high level of cross-company and cross-sector cooperation, which featured prominently in each of the Regional Workshops,” said GAPG Director-General Mark Leverton. “The workshops created a sense of momentum among local signatories’ staff, and I am confident that we will now see more action taken in individual countries.”
In June, the CEOs of signatory companies will review an assessment of outcomes from the Regional Workshops and begin planning for Commitments-related activities in 2014 and beyond.
Key Recent Milestones
· Geneva: ICAP and the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) hosted the “Regional Perspectives on Drinking and Driving” symposium at the Second Annual United Nations Global Road Safety Week in Geneva, Switzerland on May 6, 2013. Experts in road safety and public health from Europe, Australia, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East discussed issues that influence alcohol-related road traffic crashes and suggested strategies to improve road safety and prevent drink driving.
What's Happening NOW
· Nigeria: A capacity building workshop is being held in Lagos on May 14 and 15, 2013. The event reviews the importance of drink driving interventions for participants, which include traffic police in the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC), partner NGOs, and partner union leaders. The workshop will encourage these individuals to design innovative techniques to overcome existing obstacles. Professor Oni, a road safety consultant and lecturer at the University of Lagos, and Lanre Onigbogi, country manager for Nigeria, are coordinating the event.