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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Alcohol and hypertension: gender differences in dose–response relationships determined through systematic review and meta-analysis
Addiction  Early View 5 Oct 2009

To analyze the dose–response relationship between average daily alcohol consumption and the risk of hypertension via systematic review and meta-analysis.
A total of 12 cohort studies were identified from the literature from the United States, Japan and Korea. A linear dose–response relationship with a relative risk of 1.57 at 50 g pure alcohol per day and 2.47 at 100 g per day was seen for men. Among women, the meta-analysis indicated a more modest protective effect than reported previously: a significant protective effect was reported for consumption at or below about 5 g per day, after which a linear dose–response relationship was found with a relative risk of 1.81 at 50 g per day and of 2.81 at an average daily consumption of 100 g pure alcohol per day. Among men, Asian populations had higher risks than non-Asian populations.

The risk for hypertension increases linearly with alcohol consumption, so limiting alcohol intake should be advised for both men and women.

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