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Monday, October 25, 2010

Alcohol News - 43/2010

The Wall Street Journal Blog (EU) - EU Mulls Booze Warning Labels
Brussels is a battlefield of rule-making; there are always a thousand small skirmishes taking place off-camera, many with an impact on your future and the bottom lines of big companies.
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The Forigner (Norway) - Norway’s ‘no-no’ to alcohol ads could be corked
TV channels transmitting from abroad with content aimed at Norwegian viewers are not permitted to advertise alcohol under current Norwegian legislation, but this could contravene European law.
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Helsinkin Sanomat (Finland) - Working group proposes new alcohol restrictions for Helsinki
A working group of the City of Helsinki is proposing radical measures to curtail what it sees as an “alcohol-friendly culture” that permeates in the city. The task force wants to ban alcohol advertising in advertising space that is owned by the city. It also proposes that the city stop serving alcoholic beverages at city events, and take stronger action against drinking among young people.
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New York Times (Iraq) - Drug and Alcohol Abuse Growing in Iraqi Forces
A growing number of Iraqi security force members are becoming dependent on drugs or alcohol, which has led to concerns about a significant addiction problem among the country’s armed services as the insurgency remains a potent force and American troops prepare to depart at the end of next year.
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Morning Advertiser (UK) - Underage drinking costs NHS £19m a year
Underage drinking, fuelled by the "ludicrously cheap price of alcohol" in supermarkets, is costing the National Health Service £19m a year.
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New Zealand Herald (New Zealand) - Cut drink-drive limit: doctor
The Government believes New Zealand drivers aren't ready to moderate their drinking. We know they are. So take responsibility for keeping our roads safe by signing up: Two Drinks Max.
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MSN India - Smart people drink more alcohol, says new study
In the National Child Development Study in the UK and the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health in the US, childhood intelligence was measured before the age of 16.
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ABC Online (Australia) - NSW wants to ban energy drinks on tap
The New South Wales Government says it plans to ban the sale of energy drinks on tap at clubs and pubs.
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Ivanhoe - Heavy Alcohol Use May Cause Change In Teen Cognitive Development
Alcohol, to an adolescent, is usually seen as a rite of passage. Many teenagers view drinking as a gateway into adulthood, or independence.
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Businessweek - Study Confirms It: Booze Impairs Decision-Making
A new study confirms what many people may know first- or secondhand: Too much alcohol slows reaction time and increases errors during decision-making.
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USA Today - Alcohol and caffeine drinks: The next student health problem?
Three beers, a can of Red Bull and a large espresso: no big deal, many college students might say. Three beers, a can of Red Bull and a large espresso times three or four, and they still might tell you they're not intoxicated.
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Medscape - Variants in Region of Ethanol Metabolism Gene Predict Alcoholism Risk
A search for genetic factors that influence individuals' early experience with ethanol has found variants in or near CYP2E1 associated with stronger responses and inebriation after relatively low alcohol intake.
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Arka News Agency (Armenia) - Minister: Armenia conducts serious negotiations with WTO on taxation of alcohol drinks and tobacco
Armenia conducts serious negotiations with WTO on taxation of alcohol drinks and cigarettes, said Armenian Minister of Economy Nerses Yeritzyan during the parliamentary discussions of state budget 2011.
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Crikey (Australia) - Universities: a marketing arm of the alcohol industry?
Public health efforts to reduce the harm caused by risky alcohol consumption should be paying much more attention to university campuses, says public health policy consultant Margo Saunders.
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The Guardian (UK) - Charity calls for ban on alcohol ads on pre-watershed TV and online
Alcohol Concern has called for a ban on TV and internet alcohol ads after conducting research claiming that well over a million under-16-year-olds saw multiple drinks commercials while watching England games during the World Cup.
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FairWarning (USA) - Looser About Drinking and Driving, U.S. Suffers More Alcohol-Related Deaths
Compared to most other countries, the U.S. has a lax standard for determining whether someone behind the wheel is driving drunk. The U.S. is one of only 16 nations with a limit for blood alcohol content of .08.
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